Happy Working Song

It’s now August, even though I am progressing on my Kiwi journey, there’s a lot of work to be done. Especially with my condo (and my bad habits). I tend to procrastinate house work up until I’m about to have company then try to tidy up the place in one hour. And honestly I’m a […]

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Shake it Off

Good morning! What a great way to end the weekend. The sun is skinning, the birds are singing, Toronto is hot and muggy. Yay summer! It’s been a week, that’s for sure, my first week in new clothes. It was really fun mixing and matching the piece I have to make all sorts of outfits, […]

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Love Yourself

For my birthday my dad got me this awesome fire pit. My favourite summer memories are either at a cottage, around a campfire or both. When I was planning my party it was originally going to be a campfire sing along on the beach, but with the new Toronto Rainy Season, the beach flooded and […]

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Someone Like You

Second vocal lesson today. I still don’t know how any work gets done in 30 min lessons. Nearly 20 of those minutes are spent on warm ups, how does one practice skills and repertoire. Warm ups are great, but I don’t see how you can improve your technique without putting it to practice on a […]

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Me Too

Nearly a month in the making, the first fruits of the Epiphany: New clothes. Today I wore the first of many awesome stylish outfits. It is Monday so I can’t wear a lot of the stuff I am most excited to wear (black ripped skinny jeans), but I’ve got a few great pieces for work. […]

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Take a Walk

Sunday morning…. Check that, it’s the afternoon! Yesterday was just plain fun. Pool party, then girls night. No better Saturday exists. Today’s ramblings are kind of a continuation of yesterday’s festivities. After Michelle’s pool party I rushed home to set the condo up for Serina and Mayra (they have achieved ‘ride or die’ status). We’ve […]

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