Absolutely Smitten

Day 3: A song that makes you happy I’m so not great at keeping this up, gotta get better! What song makes me happy….? now that’s a tough one cause there are so many to choose from. After a bit of reflection, Absolutely Smitten fit the bill perfectly. I’m rather a new fan of dodie’s but […]

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No Tears Left To Cry

Day 2: What is your least favourite song This is a tough one, and will probably be a short entry. I don’t like hating on music because I don’t think it’s fair to the people who created it, so I try to give positive with the negative. However I am hard pressed with Ariana Grande’s […]

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Through It All

Day 1: Your Favourite Song First day, first song. I thought picking my “favourite song” would be difficult because depending on my day, mood, whatever it changes from minute to minute. But surprisingly when I thought about it the first and only song that came to mind was Through It All by Charlie Puth. Even when […]

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Am I Back?

Summer is here. Finally! Well at least its not winter. Personally I’m a fall/spring-early summer person where temperatures hover between 15-22 celsius. Anything over or under that and I’m miserable. On to business: Am I back? The honest answer is … I don’t know. I’ve been working on a whole bunch of projects which in […]

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Only Angel

Everything I said I was going to start this year, I’ve started. Keeping up with them…. that’s another story. Especially with trying to workout and eating healthy, I’ll go one week of right then quickly fall of when friends come over. I’ve been trying to get back into my size 4/6 clothes because one, most […]

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Shout Out to My Ex

This is a shout out to my Ex: Funny how you can totally be over someone but then stumble upon that dreaded “he moved on” Snapchat and feel the searing knife plunging deep again. To make it sting just that little bit more, the picture was taken on the perfect manicured beaches of some snow […]

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When will this deep freeze ever end! Since the first week of December we’ve been under snow, which is quite rare for Toronto. Usually snow comes around mid-January along with freezing temperatures, but nothing like the artic hell we’ve been having this year. Last week we had 2 days of solace. Two days above 5C, […]

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