I love Broadway, honestly it’s where I grew up. Musicals were my first introduction into the magic of music, thanks to the golden age of Disney Princess animation. Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, you name it I sang it. My top favourites were Belle, Mulan and Ariel. My first Broadway show was Phantom of the Opera, at […]

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New Rules

Remember last week how I ran into an old flame and made Demi Lovato proud, well here’s part two. (If you have not read my post for Sorry Not Sorry, you can find it here). It’s been a week and a bit since Sorry Not Sorry but the story lives on. Out of the blue […]

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Say You Love Me

Those of you who live in Toronto will know that apparently summer has officially begun, and spring has left. Yes in September, It has been more hot and humid in the last five days than all 90 days of summer. It is really confusing my closet. I was so grateful for the cool summer because […]

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Bad Liar

Considering I had a lot happening this weekend it was quite relaxing. I was supposed to go apple picking with my dad and his family but with work kicking my butt this last week I had to put in a few extra hours this weekend. Songwriting is also putting me through the ringer. I have […]

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Sorry Not Sorry

There is nothing better than when everything lines up perfectly to give you one of the best musical moments in your life. Everyone, at one point or another, has dreamed of living inside a movie or cinematic moment. Looking perfect, lighting is perfect, and the entire moment is scored with music. In the most serendipitous […]

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Dusk Till Dawn

What a wonderful weekend we had. No rain, beautiful weather, perfect temperature. It was glorious. Toronto is all a buzz right now since it is TIFF, road closures, detours, TTC diversions, it is just best to stay in walking radius of your home for the run of the festival. Everyone was out and about, walking […]

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This is a very big deal. I have been waiting 2 ½ years for this film. Ever since it was announced that Christopher Nolan would be doing a ‘war film’ I’ve been glued to my google alerts for any information. Soon we got a title, then casting the casting rumours began. Finally it was announced […]

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