Most Girls

I recently met up with an old friend from high school who happens to be a marketing and social media maven. I love writing about music, my day, just things, and what started out as just a means to process life has turned into something fun and something I want to grow. In talking with […]

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Ultralight Beam

After yesterday’s songwriting experience I’ve been feeling a little discouraged. A little unsure about this dream I have. Am I asking too much of myself? Is this Grammy dream of mine totally delusional? To be honest, I am not used to difficulty when I do something, I usually really good a picking things up real […]

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My first foray into songwriting was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever experienced. I can usually shrug off pretty much anything. Don’t like my blog, okay. Don’t like my clothes, no problem. Don’t like my string quartet, no big deal, thanks for taking the time to listen to it. But for some reason “here […]

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Okay, here’s a bit of whiplash, I am not a huge consumer of R&B/soul especially in the last couple of years. So the fact that I burned this song to death today surprises me more than I can express. I’ve been on a bit of a Kardashian bender that last few days. You watch one […]

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Happy Working Song

It’s now August, even though I am progressing on my Kiwi journey, there’s a lot of work to be done. Especially with my condo (and my bad habits). I tend to procrastinate house work up until I’m about to have company then try to tidy up the place in one hour. And honestly I’m a […]

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Wednesdays are weird days. Nothing happens on Wednesdays, not even TV. Wednesdays are comedy nights, it is the middle of the week, it’s just a meh day. I think we should do away with it all together. Today’s song however is one of my favourites. I discovered it while scrubbing through the Pentatonix catalogue. Their DaftPunk […]

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