New Year. New You. That’s how the saying goes right? We say it every year, I’m guilty of it too. Usually I have my “New Me” moment after my birthday or after a shopping spree. This year I’m going to try and avoid the New Me movement because if you think about it, everyday you […]

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Once Upon Another Time

Ever been outside when it was snowing? Not storming, but still significantly snowing. When the snowflakes are big, light, and fluffy. Charlie Brown Snow I like to call it. Ever notice how quiet it gets. How peaceful, and even though it’s cold out, you feel it. The streets seem to be less busy. People on […]

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New Year’s Day

The time of goals, resolutions, hopes, and predictions is upon us. Like the many years before we look back at the last 365 days and think of ways to make the next one better. The we set unrealistic goals and quickly watch it all fall apart into what was before. Now comes the following new […]

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I Did Something Bad

Those who know me know that when Taylor Swift released her┬áreputation singles I was on the “WTF Taylor” side of the conversation. Uninspired-bitter-spiteful-electronic white noise, I think is how I described it. I even said this album could kill producer Jack Antonoff’s career (I know, a little dramatic). The album was always slated to do […]

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It seems life is really getting in the way of me writing this blog. Honestly I just have so much going on that if I’m not at work, I’m getting ready for Christmas or sleeping. Between all the Christmas backing, Christmas songs, meal planning, new singles, new albums, I’m just drowning. There’s so much happening, […]

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Winter is coming! Remember when that phrase was just three simple words, and not an uber important pop culture reference. When it wasn’t full of ominous meaning and dark prophecy. Oh the good old days! Games of Thrones aside, winter is on our door step. Fall was more of a drive by than a welcome […]

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Money: it’s useful; it’s essential; it’s awesome; it’s stressful; it’s life. We don’t talk about money enough. Well… we do, but when it’s good. Not when it’s bad, or the reality of it… we are all struggling in one way or another. I’ll admit it, I’m shit with money. Don’t know what I’m doing, just […]

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