It seems life is really getting in the way of me writing this blog. Honestly I just have so much going on that if I’m not at work, I’m getting ready for Christmas or sleeping. Between all the Christmas backing, Christmas songs, meal planning, new singles, new albums, I’m just drowning. There’s so much happening, […]

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Winter is coming! Remember when that phrase was just three simple words, and not an uber important pop culture reference. When it wasn’t full of ominous meaning and dark prophecy. Oh the good old days! Games of Thrones aside, winter is on our door step. Fall was more of a drive by than a welcome […]

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Money: it’s useful; it’s essential; it’s awesome; it’s stressful; it’s life. We don’t talk about money enough. Well… we do, but when it’s good. Not when it’s bad, or the reality of it… we are all struggling in one way or another. I’ll admit it, I’m shit with money. Don’t know what I’m doing, just […]

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Woman Up

What could be the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you? How about at work? I’m not someone who gets embarrassed in general. If I do something and it doesn’t end well or doesn’t land It doesn’t really bother me because I made the choice to do it. I made my bed, now I […]

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All of the Lights

It’s been a while hasn’t it. It has been so busy these last months, that I honestly forgot I had a blog! Between life, projects, and the incredible amount of new music out as of late, I have just been so overwhelmed. Still trying to write a song, thing to set up a couple YouTube […]

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Too Much To Ask

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, the majority funny enough about songwriting and pop music (can’t you tell I’m looking for guidance). The ones in heavy rotation are Switched on Pop and And The Writer Is… . I find them a blessing and a curse, especially Switched on Pop. Chris and Nate mix […]

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I love Broadway, honestly it’s where I grew up. Musicals were my first introduction into the magic of music, thanks to the golden age of Disney Princess animation. Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, you name it I sang it. My top favourites were Belle, Mulan and Ariel. My first Broadway show was Phantom of the Opera, at […]

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