Welcome to The Daily Ditty! A blog dedicated to music and life (super original right).

Everyone talks about the soundtrack of their life. This is mine. You will find a new post about a song that fit in my day. Pretty self-explanatory. In reading, I hope you discover some new music, fall back in love with old favourites or just see music in a new light.


About the Writer:

A Toronto native, Mediterranee grew up on the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Beaches International Jazz Festival and Mirvish shows. Her love of music started when her dad took her to her first musical, The Phantom of the Opera at 4 years old. From that moment nothing you could do would stop her from singing and dancing. The worst of it was when she was convinced she was Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Every morning she would beg her mom to walk her to the bakery so she can reenact Belle, the big opening number of the film, followed by a trip to the library to climb the stack ladders.

Today Mediterranee is rediscovering music after a temporary estrangement. On a quest to find her goofy-nerdy self again, she is listening to everything she can get her hands on. From Barney’s “I Love You” to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 to DJ Khaled and back again.