It seems life is really getting in the way of me writing this blog. Honestly I just have so much going on that if I’m not at work, I’m getting ready for Christmas or sleeping. Between all the Christmas backing, Christmas songs, meal planning, new singles, new albums, I’m just drowning. There’s so much happening, so fast! Sometimes I wish I had a universal remote like in Click. As much as I love writing these entries I overwhelmed by all the great music coming out that I don’t know what to talk about first. Every week there’s more to listen to and I’m still catching up on the summer’s offerings.

I thought I’d go back to my roots today and pick a song for a visual medium. I’m talking about Netflix’s Christmas release of Bright, (it looks pretty cool, though I’m not %100 sure what it’s about). For promotional buzz they released the song Home with Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, and Bebe Rexha. The title “Home” has been, you could say over used by the songwriting/music community. From Michael Buble to Phillip Phillips to One Direction, JLo, Daughtry… the list goes on. So many songs with that title, using home as a one word explainer for sense of belonging and comfort. Almost always a person to call home.

This iteration of the Home cliché felt different to me. The hook is haunting but comforting, and is more of the new genre of pop where all styles are blended. Rap, dance, electronic, the Pop Drop, the nostalgic singer/songwriter hook, it’s a blend of everything. Why I like about it is that the sound is more battle cry than a cry of longing. Struggle, self discovery and our search to belong are there but I feel it leads to a different conclusion than it’s contemporaries. Home isn’t with someone else, Home is where within us. Kind of puts a new spin on the whole “home is where the heart is”. My favourite part of the song is Bebe’s octave harmony on the hook. Though unconventional for the type of song, it was a powerful choice that worked perfectly.

In a strange was it sounds like Home to me.

A full album for Bright is set to drop December 15th, ahead of the films release on December 22. Exclusively on Netflix. Just in time for Christmas viewing.

What do you think of today’s ditty? Know another song I should check out? Leave it in the comments.


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