Woman Up

What could be the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you? How about at work?

I’m not someone who gets embarrassed in general. If I do something and it doesn’t end well or doesn’t land It doesn’t really bother me because I made the choice to do it. I made my bed, now I gotta sleep in it. Granted I don’t actually do much to be embarrassed about. However, if it’s something I can’t control like a random crazy moment or a bodily function gone array then I will bright red like Rudolph’s nose.

So that happened today…

99.99999% of the time my phone is on silent. I don’t need to hear my phone, it’s always on my person so I’ll feel it when it buzzes. Except for this ONE TIME! Once is all it takes! Heed my warning! This morning I turned my ringer on because I was playing a game that needed sound and it wouldn’t play through my earbuds unless I flipped the ringer.

You can see where this is going….

At work I had I training course on corporate writing policy. I take my phone put it in my purse and take it with me. (I trust my co-workers, but still you don’t know). I’m never worried that my phone will go off because who calls in 2017, and all my notifications are off, and I hardly get text messages. Oh how I was wrong! Just as we start the lesson I realize my ringer is still on. I discreetly reach into my purse, go to flip the ringer….. AND SOMEONE CALLS ME!!!!

Blasting though the room is Meghan Trainor’s Woman Up. At this point I’m just fumbling trying to shut this phone up as fast as possible. It won’t stop! I’m apologizing to the class, everyone is laughing, Meghan belting away. Oh My God! It felt like an eternity.  Finally I got it to stop. We had a good laugh and it was back to business.

LESSON: Always keep your phone off

Or don’t take it with you.


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