Happy Working Song

It’s now August, even though I am progressing on my Kiwi journey, there’s a lot of work to be done. Especially with my condo (and my bad habits). I tend to procrastinate house work up until I’m about to have company then try to tidy up the place in one hour. And honestly I’m a messy person. Not dirty, but messy, organized chaos some have called it. Now that I have the beginnings of a new wardrobe, I have all this old clothes to get rid of. That was end of July, the pile of clothes on a sheet is still in my living room and growing. It’s embarrassing and starting to get overwhelming. Last night I made myself some house rules to encourage new habits and behaviours to keep the place tidy along with a list of urgent task that must be completed in the next 2 days. Written clearly and in bright colours I posted it on my cork board that I see every day, all the time, because to get anywhere in my condo I have to pass it.

The clothing blob is number one on this list, and I’m dreading it. If it was up to old me, I would put everything in a garbage bag and throw it all away, or donate it. But since much of it is still in great condition (since I never really wore it) and great quality (pass downs from mom) I want to try and BUNZ it. The shopping spree killed my bank account, so if someone is willing to give me a token or two for a Forever21 jacket I’ll take it.

To past the time, distract me, I put on my Musical Theater playlist. Something to sing to, keep the mind distracted, have a little fun. Sure enough, like most children friendly musicals (my favourites) there always seems to be a chore song, so why not Enchanted’s Happy Working Song. My cousin uses it as her house cleaning song. Not one of Disney’s best, it’s still very cure and apt for the film it originated from. Reminiscent of the old Disney style, yet modernised for today’s listeners, it’s catchy and will put a smile on your face in no time. At one point I started folding the clothes with the song, imagining critters, vermin, and other creature friends helping me out, just like Gisele. Out of all the songs from Enchanted, I prefer How Do You Know and So Close, but they are sometimes hard to find on streaming services.

By the end of the song I was about a quarter way through the pile and realised that I also have my dresser that is full of stuff to purge. Discouragement started to creep in and erase all the hard work I’ve already done. But I am determined to get through it all tonight and have a tidy living room for Girls night tomorrow.

Progress is being made one article of clothing at a time.


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