Shake it Off

Good morning! What a great way to end the weekend. The sun is skinning, the birds are singing, Toronto is hot and muggy. Yay summer! It’s been a week, that’s for sure, my first week in new clothes. It was really fun mixing and matching the piece I have to make all sorts of outfits, but still feel super comfortable and effortless. I also discovered you can wear the same thing but change the accessories and there you have it, a whole new look. I’m still new at this whole fashion thing so bear with me during my rudimentary Aha! moments.

Since it is a lovely day today I decided to treat myself and go to Starbucks and get an iced caramel macchiato and a Brick Street chocolate croissant. Best decision I made all week.

Unless I am walking with someone I feel like I need headphones and music playing. I don’t like idyll silence and street noise is really chaotic for an easy Sunday. So I always just before I head out my lobby doors, I pop my buds in and hit shuffle. I was expecting a cue from one of the many films I’ve got on rotation (they do take up about 70% of my total library). To my surprise, TSwift was this morning’s first ring, and none other than her smash hit Shake it Off.

Taylor Swift and I have an interesting relationship. Let me be clear: I have never met the songstress, I am not a secret member of her #squad, so the following are just my feelings towards the product “Taylor Swift”. When I do meet her however, I’ll let you know about the real her. I can’t deny that she is an uber talented songwriter and performer. Her songs are so damn catchy! I find myself humming them at random times and places. Her 1989 album is the most dangerous because it is so radio friendly, so is Red. Her songs are so relatable and well produced that though I consider her music part of the ‘Fast Food of music” genre, I think that they might just stand the test of time. That being said, I cannot stand Her. I avoid any and all media/press surrounding her. Hearing her talk grates my nerves. Her #squad is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen and smells of high school desperation. Her crazy ex-girlfriend man-eater status is so ridiculous it rivals teen TV dramas. Do I think that this is the honest real representation of little Taylor from Pennsylvania/Nashville. Of course not! I think that this is all a brand that she has successfully cultivated and made millions. She’s a brilliant business woman, but her brand (to me) screams “I wasn’t popular in school so I’m going to get back at everyone”. Very Mean Girls.

Let’s face it, that annoying in your face brand makes great fun music and Shake it Off is the crown jewel. We’ve got a beat, anthemic lyrics, synth brass and horns, catchy hook. It’s got it all. It quite literally makes you want to “Shake it Off”. Every time I hear this song it makes me think of Grey and Yang’s 30 second dance parties. I’m actually curious as to why that never happened on the show…Shonda?

With a sunny Sunday, and much to write Shake it Off is the perfect motivation song for my day. I’ve probably played it a few times since starting this post…3 times…4 times…. Maybe more?



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