Love Yourself

For my birthday my dad got me this awesome fire pit. My favourite summer memories are either at a cottage, around a campfire or both. When I was planning my party it was originally going to be a campfire sing along on the beach, but with the new Toronto Rainy Season, the beach flooded and we had to scrap it. We were going to have a movie night under the stars type of evening, but that was also short lived due to the risk of rain. It was also a little more complicated, logistically, than I had anticipated. I always wanted to have an outdoor fire pit, but I never got around to it (afford it). So when my dad took me to Home Depot to get one it was like a dream come true. Now, Fridays are known as campfire night, with s’mores and fun, with my UE Boom singing away in the corner.

In my venture to get back into the studio I’ve collected quite a few instrumental tracks of popular songs as well as vocals stems, as a way to study current studio trends. Also to practice to, try on different genre. One that I’ve grown fond of is an acoustic track for Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. When it come on while by the fire I realised that the guitar part alone is actually quite calming and great for just background music. (Thank you Ed Sheeran).

When the song came out I didn’t mind it, it’s a good song. It just played all the time and I’m just not a fan of The Biebs. I will always give him a chance out of Canadian loyalty, but that usually fades when my mother and sister abuse their DJ-ing privileges.

In the last year l’ve been trying out new music, or music that I didn’t give a chance for whatever reason. I might not like the artist performing it, but what about the producer, the writers, maybe the featuring artist… I gave myself the challenge to find 2 positive things about a song for every negative. Sometimes I would only have positive things to say, sometimes it was really hard to find something nice to say. (I’m still working on it). Love Yourself was one of those songs and my two positives are:

Ed Sheeran, and



Ed Sheeran.

I know, it’s technically cheating but he did write the song and performs on the track, so it’s sort of two different reasons… right?

Listening back to it now I am surprised I didn’t catch the Sheeran, the guitar part sounds very similar in feel to Thinking Out Loud and Autumn Leaves. Almost like a finger print, his writing and compositional style is all over this. Other examples are Cold Water, Little Things, Moments, Everything Has Changed to name a few. Ryan Tedder (One Republic) is also a great example of this musical fingerprint premise. It has become a bit of a game for me now, when I hear a song I am always listening to see if I can figure out who is behind the scenes.

In the end whoever wrote it, a good song is a good song.


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