Someone Like You

Second vocal lesson today. I still don’t know how any work gets done in 30 min lessons. Nearly 20 of those minutes are spent on warm ups, how does one practice skills and repertoire. Warm ups are great, but I don’t see how you can improve your technique without putting it to practice on a song. Maybe it’s just because it’s the first few lessons, or maybe it’s a money scheme. Who knows? I’ve committed to classes for the next month and I am optimistic, hopefully there will be some forward growth I can see, soon.

In the lesson my teacher wanted to know what my short(er) term goals were. After thinking about it, and talking with a friend, I think writing a song would be fun. It can’t be much different than composition, and considering that was the concentration of my degree, I am cautiously optimistic of possible success. Not sure what my teacher thinks of this goal, he came off a little aloof when I brought it up. Time will tell I guess.

This week we ended the lesson with Someone Like You by Adele (goddess) More my speed vocally I think. I really like her song writing and her voice. It’s too bad she’s been having trouble sustaining it. Going through vocal cord surgery, and cancelling tour dates, it’s too bad. I wonder if there will be a fourth album.

What I love most about Someone Like You is its powerful simplicity. Just a piano and her voice, all the emotion, feel, texture, sits in the space between these two instruments. Heartbreaking but hopeful, Adele sings of a love lost but a lesson gained, which considering the album is called 21 (her age at the time of production), is a very wise experience for such a young girl.

Today is also my mother’s birthday. The big five-0, though she’d make you believe differently. As always we went to one of her favourite restaurants with my grandparents. Great food and a very cool crepe presentation. When Adele announced her tour, including a date here in Toronto in October 2016, my mother was all over that. I was living in Winnipeg when the tickets were released, she called me to try and increase her odds of getting a ticket (a pair of tickets would be a bonus). She had her computer, her phone, her iPad and my stepdad’s iPad locked to Ticketmaster. I had my phone, my laptop, my iPad, and my grandmother’s iPad going as well. However, with all those devices cycling through the virtual queue, we ended up with a grand total of ZERO. None. All sold out. For all four shows.

Fast forward to three days before the Thursday show October 2016, my mother tells my sister and I that she magically got two tickets to the show, but that she was not taking her daughters… At the time I wasn’t too bummed and if my mother would have picked my sister to go with her I would have the same sentiment. I though recording artist go on tour all the time, I don’t go to this one, I’ll go to the next one. Today however, considering her personal letter to Wembley Stadium, and now the cancelling of her last dates, I don’t know if I’ll ever got to see her live. I guess I’ll just have to channel my inner Adele on karaoke nights or during my shower concerts for now.


Or maybe we become friends and have cabaret nights in her living room… or maybe she goes on tour again…

Anything is possible!


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