Me Too

Nearly a month in the making, the first fruits of the Epiphany: New clothes. Today I wore the first of many awesome stylish outfits. It is Monday so I can’t wear a lot of the stuff I am most excited to wear (black ripped skinny jeans), but I’ve got a few great pieces for work. I wore my burgundy pants, white with black stripe t-shirt and grey tweed blazer. Topped it all off with my now favourite leather booties. With all this new found awesomeness I wanted a song that could stay in my head all day and remind me that I look good, I am confident, change is good, and, I’ll be OK. A repeat of Kiwi seemed a little too on the nose and too soon for a revisit (maybe 6 months or a year from now there could be a greatest hit recap to Kiwi). As I waited for transit I scrolled through my Apple Music for the allusive morning anthem. There were a few contenders: Future Looks Good (One Republic), Confident (Demi Lovato), She’s Not Just a Pretty Face (Shania Twain)… However, Me Too by Meghan Trainor won today’s top spot.

Off her sophomore album Thank You, like most of the tracks on the album Me Too is a departure from the bubble-gum 1940s pop style that her debut album is so recognized for. It shows her range stylistically, but I feel it kind of killed her originality, just a bit. Still an awesome songwriter, the poppy fresh club feel echoes the early forays of Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child.

Me Too is a great strut song however. Add some finger snaps to your track and BOOM! Instant runway. Borderline narcissistic… in a good way… lyrics, she sings about just being awesome, and not needing anyone to give you your worth. With a good beat and a catchy bass line, it definitely did the trick and worked its way into my head and set up camp. Maybe a little too well…

As always Miss Trainor doesn’t disappoint with her relatable lyrics and feel good sound. I just hope she brings back the tight old time harmonies.


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