Take a Walk

Sunday morning…. Check that, it’s the afternoon!

Yesterday was just plain fun. Pool party, then girls night. No better Saturday exists. Today’s ramblings are kind of a continuation of yesterday’s festivities. After Michelle’s pool party I rushed home to set the condo up for Serina and Mayra (they have achieved ‘ride or die’ status). We’ve created a sort of a tradition of Girls’ Night every few weeks. Essentially it’s just a couple girls with a bit a junk food and an unhealthy appetite for bad home karaoke. This week though we had a mission to do.

Last weekend Serina and I went on a bit of a shopping spree. I got a bunch of new awesome clothes to replace the casualties of the Epiphany. Now, I never learned style, beauty, make up, all that stuff. I had to grow up really quick and went to uniform school most of my identity exploration years, so my idea of fashion is jeans and a ten year old Roots hoodie. Don’t get me wrong I love fashion, well the idea of it… I like the Art part of it. Every year I look forward to the Met Gala, Fashion Weeks, Red Carpets, you can’t really be my mother’s daughter and not be aware of fashion (especially the holy trinity: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes). My aversion to participate in fashion was because I didn’t see the point if I could never pull off those looks.

But that has changed…


Post shopping, I was overwhelmed and asked my girls to come help me out. And they did! They gave me a few outfit ideas, and wrote down their cardinal fashion rules, like ” loose top with tight pants” vice versa. And in true Mayra fashion as the last rule she wrote something to the effect of:

“Wear what ever you want!”

To which she is right, confidence is what pulls off the outfit. People win style awards for just wear jeans and a t-shirt, if I can paraphrase Grimshaw.

Fast forward to today: groggy, not sure what time it is, I stubble out of bed, throw on some sweats. Cold pizza for “breakfast” and plop on the couch. As the ‘nutritious’ vitamins from the sad pizza hit my blood stream I look around my condo. It looks like The Bay stockroom threw up everywhere. Clothes everywhere! Laundry everywhere! With work tomorrow I could not allow this disaster zone to remain.


I needed something up beat, but different. Not too poppy but still something with a punch. And it hit me! a couple weeks back I was listening to old Nick Grimshaw shows and they played the prefect song for this moment: Take a Walk by Passion Pit. A selection by the guest who had heard it on an advert (best way to find music, the song sounds like a Burberry TV spot), it’s just what this Sunday needed.

I got to work. In sorting through all the clothes, cataloging, I realized that I still had a bunch of stuff I ordered online that hadn’t arrived yet. I’m going to have to purge a whole lot more, and I was going need a rack to visually see all the pieces. It’s now 4:30pm on a Sunday and I need to go to IKEA to get this rack. Problem is, I don’t have a car, IKEA closes at 6pm, my dad lives an hour away…. Plan B.

I went to my closet and pulled as many hangers as I could find and just started putting clothes on them. Now where to put them. I got creative. If you walk into my place right now there’s still clothes everywhere, it’s just not on the floor anymore. Stuff is hanging on chairs, the chandelier, doors, hooks, shelves. Everywhere there’s clothes. I still have my throw away/donation pile that I’ll have to take care off, maybe put up on Bunz for some tokens.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to go to IKEA and get that rack and properly organize everything, but for now I’m just going to have to…

Take a walk


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